Don’t think you know yourself when you have done limited work on yourself.

This is something that i find holds true with myself and definitely with others. Fuck it's hard to get to know yourself.. I'm 25 right now and I have been trying to "improve" myself for like 5 years. I still don't know myself.

It's at times I am writing things down I get to know myself better. When I write down my objections for why I don't do certain stuff I see the patterns and I am able to anticipate on it. That's also the strength of things like self authoring and having weekly reviews.

It would be funny to have an "objections" tab in your weekly review. There you can write down all the funny and creative objections you came up with this week.


Weird Objection

How To Fix It Next Week

Meet up with person x

Didn't have time

Have it as a hard goal.

Meet up with person x

Didn't feel like it

Have it as a hard goal.

Most people have no idea on how they work on how to move themselves to do stuff.

You do not know yourself until you are able to control yourself.

Koen Geron