Blog Guidelines

One of the important things when creating something is that you have guidelines and structures on how to do it.
Having a checklist for activities like washing your hands (for surgeons) has decreased the number of infections by a huge percentage. That’s the power of structure and guidelines.
I have a personality where i really like guidelines and structure so i wanted to lay down some guidelines for my website. For myself and for the readers.

Since this website is not to please some weak ass bitches i have some guidelines. If you don’t agree with me you can respond to the content pieces by writing down a comment. Please write a structured and thorough respond. If it’s bullshit and dumb it will be deleted.

Guideline 1: Of course there are fucking exceptions out there

One of the things that frustrates me a lot is that if you are having a conversations with people and they bring up the argument of “but not everyone is like that, or not everytime that happens”. 

I am aware of the fact you cannot speak in 100% cases and there is a lot of variety in life. But to be able to talk about subjects and have discussions it’s necessary to be able to talk about the majorities in situations.

So if 98% of the dutch people speak english. you can kinda state that dutch people speak english. 

Guideline 2: Honesty is important 

Truth meme

To be honest (that was coincidence haha) i have a strange relationship with honesty.

For example. I think a lot of people cannot handle the truth. They prefer to live in a world where they can avoid the truth.

A hard thing about the truth is that it can be painful. I’m kinda sorry but there is a fat chance you’ve fucked up things in your life. And with “fat chance” i mean i think 90%+ of the population fucks up at least 1 area of their life.

How comfortable are you with me telling straight to your face that you fucked shit up and that you are in horrible shape and you are fat? Or how comfortable are you with me telling you are not able to have proper relationships with your family or someone of the opposite sex?

Can you actually go through that pain that it brings of realizing that fact? Or are you going to deny what i said with lines like:
He doesn’t know anything about me.
I was just unlucky and it is totally not in my control.
Who cares? There is netflix!
They were fault! Not me!

Does this mean i am perfect or have all my areas in check? Fuck no! Yesterday i called my father. It was the first time in 6 months that i talked with him. I have a hard and difficult relationship with him. I love him since he's my father but that’s just the fucking truth.

When you read this website you are probably going to read some stuff you’d prefer not to read and that might insult you. If you can’t handle being insulted this is not the place for you.

Guideline 3: I might be wrong and i’m okay with that

Most of the time i put some thoughts into the things i shout out. Not always though but thats my risk.

I can be wrong and i am okay with that. This is a guideline for me and you. If you disagree with me you can point this out to me. I love discussing things in dept so feel free to start it up.

Dan Pena always says analyses equals paralyses and there is a whole lot of truth to that. That’s the reason why i musk be okay with the fact that i put out shit that is wrong. If i wouldnt be i wouldn't put anything out because i would be scared of the reactions.

Guideline 4: There are some solid piece & aint nobody got time for that

I am not a fucking madafaking blogger. I am not your next happy blogger faggot. I am not gonna put in 20 hours a week to answer dumb questions and write about the shit i ate that fucking day.

On the other hand i do wanna put out some solid pieces of content. Those pieces are mostly gonna be pointed towards answering questions that i get a lot or a lot of people struggle with.

One of the reasons this website exists is so when someone comes with a question - that i already got 100 times - i can point them to a detailed guide on how to get from a to b.

It's just way easier for me and them. They get really good detailed advice. And i only have to write it down 1 time. If it changes or i want to add shit. I can do that. easy as that.

I will write in front of the article [Solid Piece of Content]. I might and i repeat MIGHT include a youtube video where i walk through the post. I know it’s easier to digest youtube videos than it is to read (that’s probably why i got a youtube addiction and not a reading addiction)

Guideline 5: I might curse and insult a little

While writing guideline 4 i came up with guideline 5. I am just like a lot of other people a bit loud and i like to say bad words.

Makes me feel good. Sue me..

If you get offended by that shit than this ain't the place 2 be.