Dealing With The Famous "Long Term Fear"

Fear is something that everyone has to deal with. On a regular basis. Which they dont want. but they have to.

This is the curse of our life. We will always feel fear in ourselves. Sometimes big sometimes small.

Where a lot of fear comes from is the  "what if" question. A lot of the times it's easy to name a couple things that can go horribly wrong. These things create fear. Sometimes a little and sometimes a lot. 

Why do we have this you may ask? Well.. this is our bodies way to protect itself against stupid mistakes that could cost us our life.

So ask yourself. Is this fear something that you should really worry about? is this a life threatening situation? Probably not. This is pretty normal shit to know. But how can we act upon those things.


I am pretty sure that if i would give you $100 to come up with 100 reasons something would fail you could come up with 200. The only reason why your head is spinning about bullshit is cause you got fucking fear that you might not be okay. DONT FUCKING WORRY. The problems that might happen are easily fixable. not fucking rocket science. So allllll the mental energy you are using on it is WASTED because you got FEAR you wont be okay.

So fucking tell yourself. i'll be fucking okay. i'm fucking smart enough to figure the problems out when they happen. when it happens in more than 90 days it does not exist.


it amazes me how people are NOT WILLING to write down the most basic fucking shit there is. It helps so much by just writing down what your fears are regarding a certain decision. Another big thing is that you can probably solve it if you would give it any decent thinking. But not super useful if the chance of it happening is 10%.