Recommended People

One of the things that was really hard for me and what i still think is really hard is finding the right people at the right time. There are a lot of people out there and i think there are not that many who are revolutionary. I think because i can think pretty well for myself i am not fast impressed by people talking about their ideas. That's why it is more valuable when you "find" a certain person who is able to shet some light one matters you didnt think about.

To make this page a little easier to read i've devided them by certain categories. This way you can serch by the category that you find interseting. Some people have overlap so i will put them in multiple categories or put them in the categorie where i think they fit the best.

Mindset / Psychology

Jordan B Peterson

My Rating: 9,5

Summary: Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist and professor. He teaches at the university of Toronto and has teached at some other universities in USA. 

I always had an interest in psychology. Maybe cause i had a lot of questions growing up and i didnt understand the world. That besides. I think he has the best view on things of all people i have come across. He is able to explain certain principles with extreme depth so you understand it better.

Recommendation: Start watching some of his videos. He has a ton of videos out there. Try to stay away from his debates with extreme liftest people cause they tend to not be that beneficial for you. If you are interested about political left right stuff go ahead. Otherwise this is going to turn you off.

Another recommendation is the self authoring program. While writing me and a couple of my friends are doing this and we gainted HUGE benefits from its. You can find the self authoring here Link (no aff). I am currently doing the future authoring. This goes through what you want and really sets yourself up to increase the chance of achieving it. I've put a video beside where selfauthoring gets explained. Really take this serious cause this can change your life. 


Dan Pena

My Rating: 9,0

Summary: Okay this guy is not for everyone. He is one hell of an obnoxious fellow. One of the things i always have when i watch him is that i see how weak i am and realise the things that are holding me back. This guy has some insane self confidence. The way he has done business is through M&A with other people's money. An extremely interesting business model that i am going to use lateron in my life to get the businesses that i want. In general this guy is more useful when you are low in hippieness. 

If you have recommendations that you want. Send me an email and i'll get back to you.